Outlook Baby Products, Designed by a mum

The Outlook line of baby products originated in Australia and New Zealand, created by ‘mums’ in 1997 who realized proper and useful shade products for strollers just did not exist. Now demand has grown quickly for a unique line of protection products that are well designed and high quality, and so we bring them to you here in the USA.

The Founder’s Story, in her own words:

We met in 1997 at a new mothers coffee group one summer afternoon in Auckland, New Zealand. As our young babies slept in their prams, we got chatting and shared our concerns about having our babies exposed to the sun on days like this.

The New Zealand sun can be extremely harsh, and we were well aware of its damaging effects, particularly on young sensitive skin. Daily walks in the pram could be uncomfortably hot for them in the full glare of the sun – particularly as most modern prams didn’t have the reversible handles of old. Pinning a nappy or towel to the pram hood showed real ingenuity but didn’t make the experience very interesting for the babies. There just didn’t seem to be any specific shade products for prams on the market.

It was this first eye-opening conversation that led us to the formation of Baby Shade Ltd in 1997. Our objective was to provide a solution to the sun’s glare while helping to shield babies from potentially harmful UV rays. We wanted to achieve this while still providing the infants and toddlers with a good view of the world.

Outlook® baby products have been a worldwide success. Thousands of concerned parents throughout the world now have a practical solution – and no more nappies pinned to the pram! Our kids are older now and our pram pushing days are nearly gone, but we still get a buzz out of knowing that babies and toddlers around the world are getting out and about comfortably and safely.