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Sleep-Pod fitting to a forward facing stroller

Sleep-Pod fitting to a rear facing stroller

Sleep-Pod fitting to a bassinet style stroller

Outlook Solar Shade

The innovative Outlook® solar-shadeTM extends the shade cover offered by your pram, stroller or car seat canopy. Maximum rated UPF 50+ fabric blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays and glare. Easy to use and attach – pop over canopy, adjust to suit the angle of the sun and tie securely in place.

Shade-a-babe fitting for a baby jogger or 3 wheel stroller

Shade-a-babe fitting for a 4 wheel stroller

Shade-a-babe fitting for a bassinet style stroller

Folding the Shade-a-Babe

Outlook Double Shade A Babe

The Outlook shade-a-babe is designed so that when the sun is at its peak and therefore the UV the highest, the 50UPF+ section provides the highest possible protection. As the suns angle decreases the intensity of the UV rays also decreases and the mesh sections provides the protection whilst still allowing vital airflow and vision.

Outlook Auto Shade

Unique pull down strapping device ensures the shade never “rides up” unlike other similar products. The unique design that covers the entire window on the inside and only the top of the outside allows for greater vision for drivers and passengers.

Cotton Stroller Liners

Maybe your stroller is looking a bit tired or maybe just drab.
Outlook’s® brightly colored Cotton Stroller Liners will give it a fresh, new look.
Sometimes strollers aren’t all that comfortable
there can be bumps or bars under the fabric.
Outlook’s® Cotton Stroller Liners are thickly padded to give your little
one a softer ride.

Wool Stroller Liner

Unique 2-in-1 design

Reversible wool liner with quilted backing for strollers and joggers. Unique, easy care “2-in-1” design , keeping baby comfortable while on the move.

Ultimate Stroller Snug

Padded Zip-up snuggle bag

Complete with a thickly padded 100% cotton inlay.
Envelope flap opens to accommodate growing children or muddy boots, or to help regulate temperature.
Fits most pams, strollers and joggers.
Harness holes ensure pram-snugTM can’t slip to the ground or be kicked off.
Machine washable design protects stroller from spills.
Suitable from birth to approximataly 4 years.

Shield A Babe

Multi-fitting raincover with UV eye-shield TM

Shelters your baby in a warm, dry environment and protects eyes from glare.
Clear raincover protects from rain, snow, wind and flying insects.
Built in dark mesh visor protects eyes from glare and UV exposure.
Large peephole beneath visor provides good ventilation and access to child.
Fits most prams, strollers and joggers.